The company

Sintegra has the following organisation:

  • Systems Integration
    This area includes services for the development and integration of systems, custom applications or market packages.
  • Information Management
    This area includes products conceived for the business information and financial reporting markets, provided as complete outsourcing or stand-alone solutions, featuring first and foremost PARIDE.
  • Consulting
    This area includes consultancy services to improve the strategy and design, effectiveness and efficiency of information technology capabilities or functions in organisations.
  • PARIDE e Spending Review
    This area includes consultancy services and software products to optimise the purchase and use of business and financial information and optimise business rules within customersí risk management procedures.

As part of Systems Integration & Technology, Sintegra brings together experts that mainly focus on application and technical services, designed to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of information systems and their development and integration. It achieves this by:

  • making specific industry expertise available to our customers, for each market we operate in
  • creating solutions for customers based on main market solutions and any other basic component, harnessing the expertise gained in developing custom information systems
  • making specific functional skills and process competencies available to customers to support system development
  • creating solutions for application and technological architectures, that facilitate innovation, security, integration and performance of the platforms on which applications will be developed and run.

In providing Information Management services, Sintegra works with its customers on site, with dedicated teams, and is partnered by a local and global network of professionals specialised in developing technological and sector solutions.

As proof of its excellence, Sintegra's development centres are pursuing level 5 CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Index), the highest level of certification worldwide for the quality and maturity of software development processes.

Our integrated strategy for developing solutions for our customers enables us to improve the quality of implementation, reduce development times and approach the market with more competitive prices.

To further improve the quality of projects Sintegra works on, and our ability to deliver services to our customers, a comprehensive programme concerning all PARIDE activities has been launched, to industrialise software development processes, using architectures, methods, tools and standard measurements to guarantee a high quality, repeatable service during the entire life-cycle of software.